5 Tips for transitioning your wardrobe into spring!

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I am born and raised in Charleston, SC. So as a native Charlestonian – I can tell you first hand that the weather in the springtime is crazy. One day it will be 48 and the next 78. Not Kidding. One of the things that I find difficult is transitioning my closet from winter to spring – needing to keep the warm pieces, but also throwing in those new spring and warm weather pieces. The key to transition is to utilize the two seasons clothing together.


1.     Take advantage of those ankle booties we love – they are the perfect transition piece from winter to spring.

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Ankle booties are great pieces to transform a cute summer sundress into the perfect transition outfit. Throw on a pair of ankle booties on with a sundress and layer with a jean jacket or military jacket, utilizing both winter pieces and spring pieces.  The same goes with a skirt/top/layer piece outfit. Depending on what you pair your pieces with – you could be bring ready or work ready with this idea. Boots + Dress/Skirt + Layer Piece = Spring Transition.


2.     Pullover Sweater + Skirt/Dress.


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Another aspect of layering for the colder mornings that turns into warm afternoon is to throw on a sweater over a lighter piece – this will give you the layering you need and be able to use your wonderful cozy pullovers for longer than the fall winter season. And let’s be honest – we could use the extra help while we get bikini body ready! ;)


3.     Don’t put that leather jacket in the back of the closet yet!


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If you’re like me, I love my leather jacket! It seems to go with anything; you can throw it over a t-shirt and jeans and instantly pull a look together. I believe that you shouldn’t have to put such a great layer chic piece away for most of the year and only bring it out in the colder months. Utilizing your leather jacket over a sundress gives that balance of edge and feminine while transitioning from winter to spring.


4.     Scarfs aren’t just for under winter coats!

scarf and tee.jpg
spring scarf.jpg

Keep those colorful scarves out to layer over a tee and pair of jeans. Adds the perfect amount elevation to what would ordinarily be a basic outfit. It also gives you a bit more warmth against the cold, and the ability to take it off in case it gets warm in the afternoon.


5.     JEANS. The perfect all weather clothing item.


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Now I know most everyone wears jeans all year around – but try trading in the black or dark wash jeans in for a lighter wash or maybe even a white jean. These lighter wash jeans are perfect for the spring months – while still keeping your warm. Plus white jeans just feel like spring to me!